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Bruce WoolpertBruce W. Woolpert
President and CEO, 1987-2012

Granite Rock Company, founded February 14, 1900, is proud of its rich history, which parallels the growth and development of California’s Central Coast. Throughout the years, our family has been inspired by the core values originally established by Arthur Roberts Wilson. With vision, inspiration and remarkable stewardship, his grandson Bruce Wilson Woolpert used these values to build the company into a successful and highly-respected business within the San Francisco and Monterey Bay region.

The company retains a rich collection of photographs and historic documents which span the years. They reveal the stories of the people of Graniterock, who have built an enduring company as they have provided for their families and contributed to their communities.

Woolpert Family

Graniterock’s Virtual Museum is a compilation of favorites from our collection. Photos and documents from each decade are selected to illustrate important people, locales and events of the time. From time to time, Special Collections will be added to highlight particular eras or interests.

We welcome comments, corrections and additions to our archives. Construction is an essential part of our region’s history, and we are glad to be able to share our story with you.

- Rose Ann, Marianne and Arthur Woolpert

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Steam Engines at Logan (A.R. Wilson) Quarry

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